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Welcome to Bravespears’ Art Gallery.

Bravespears’ Manifesto. Art for all


Bravespears’ is a contemporary gallery and artist studio, based in Muswell Hill, North London we are committed to making beautiful unique art for your home in exclusive and affordable limited editions.


Limited editions are really really important for us  at Bravespears. Limited editions are a great way to own a unique piece of art as every limited edition is subtly different from every other one in that edition. The hands on process involved in screen printing and risograph printing ensures that these unique and characteristic differences. As well as that every limited edition is personally checked, signed and numbered, here at Bravespears’, by the artist themselves. 


As a gallery and artist / print studio Bravespears’  feel it is morally important to create short run, low availability limited editions that are sold at prices that are affordable. We enjoy making art for all. That’s why we have limited edition art starting at under £100 and we also create limited time and open editions that  start at £20. Once there gone they are gone for good. One of our missions is to make affordable, beautiful and always exclusive art for you and your home gallery. We want everyone to value art and to be able to collect beautiful things that have a meaning to you as an individual. 


All the limited editions from Bravespears’ are made using traditional hands on techniques such as screen printing and risograph printing.  All our printing is, when possible, done here in the studio or using talented artisans local to us in East London who we’ve built up strong creative relationships with. We can also organise framing of all our prints. We’re happy to help as our prints natural home is in a beautiful frame and we love making that happen.  


When we’re not making new art pieces for your home or workspace we also love researching the latest printing innovations and also looking, seeing, viewing and importantly learning from our art contemporaries. Basically we can’t get enough of Banksy, Charming Baker or Ben Eine. 


By always exploring our practice we aim to push forward as a gallery, artists and print studio our aim which is to create original and modern wall art and prints that continue to inspire and challenge you as well as looking stunning on your walls.  


So when you think about it,  why would you buy your art from an anonymous chain such as John Lewis, Argos or IKEA? These huge faceless corporates simply produce thousands upon thousands of the same print in a dreary factory somewhere. Truthfully when you buy production line art from these warehouse companies it’s value has peaked at the moment you hand over your hard earned cash to them. It’s all downhill from there. 


Art cannot be earnestly or honestly produced on an industrial scale when the process has been taken away from the artist and  where the only intention is to make money for faceless corporations. Is that art to you? 


In contrast when you buy directly from the artist the value of the piece of art is personal and priceless.  Like you we believe in individuality and creativity and we aspire to make our lives and your lives sing by creating work that inspires us throughout the process and the moment of creation and also which will inspire you and your natural creativity in your home or workspace.  


Not every piece of artwork will be a good fit for you.  But that’s ok because if it did we’d be like a Tescos Art Gallery and we ain’t like Tescos, trust me on that we ain’t  :-). Have a look around and if you see something today you like that’s wonderful. If not come back another time. Give peace a chance


Love art not Coca-Cola.